Monitoring and Management of Web data and Science data in the era of Big Data


       The rapid development in web technologies and the enormous progress in science have generated the large-scale heterogeneous data. However, how to disseminate, collect, utilize and analyze these data has become the research hotspots in increasingly data-rich disciplines, e.g., scientometrics, science of science, web behavior, social media events,network public opinion, and social science.  

       The aim of this session is to provide a forum to discuss the theoretical, methodological and applied contributions and practices in the analysis, monitoring and management of web data and science data. Which, in turn, is expected to further provide input to institutional, regional, national and international policy-making in the monitoring and management of science and technology, web behavior and internet public sentiment.

       We welcome contributions on the theoretical, methodological and applied topics covered by this session, which will comprise the following issues:

Algorithms Analyzing Web Data and Science Data


Internet Public Sentiment

Network Emergencies  

Web User Behavior

Evaluation and Forecasting of Scientific and Technology Value

Social Network Analysis

Patent Analysis