Risk Management in Complex Systems


Complex systems are composed of many components which may interact with each other, and they appear in a wide variety of fields, for instance, human brain or cell system, transportation or communication systems, social and economic organizations and even the entire universal. The behavior of complex systems is intrinsically difficult to model due to the dependencies, competitions, relationships, or other types of interactions between their parts or between a given system and its environment. 

Risk is an uncertainty which may occur at any time and anywhere in the reality. Risk management should be given careful attention due to the potential failure in the complex system. Inadequate risk management can result in severe consequences for individuals and companies, and for the sustainable development.

The aim of this communication is to discuss the latest academic and practical research on risk management in complex systems, especially in modelling the complex systems in order to evaluate the risk, concerning about the quantitative analysis of complexity in relation to risk and how to promote the sustainable development of complex systems from the perspective of risk management.

Scope and Topics:

Modelling Complex Systems

Risk Assessment in Complex Systems

Modelling Risk Management Process

The Security of Complex Systems

The Risk of Complex systems and Activities

Theory and Practice of Risk Management in Complex Systems

Risk Management and Control in Complex Systems

Development and Trend of Risk Management in Complex Systems